Hot Girl Summer?

Hey Beautiful!

How are you doing? Can you believe that we’re already in September?!  Where has all the time gone? Next thing you know we’ll be celebrating “All things pumpkin spice”, Thanksgiving, hanging Christmas lights, and creating our 2020 vision boards.

But honestly, how are you REALLY doing? How’s your mind? How’s your heart? 

As the summer wave comes to an end, I wanted to open the floor to talk about the importance of healing from the inside out. I’m certainly not hating on any one else’s summer, but it has been a Hot Healing Girl Summer for your girl. Can I get a “Okkkkurrrrrr” in the Amen corner?

But Britt, judging by your IG you looked fine? Well for one, don’t assume that everyone is whole on IG. Secondly, we all have to check-in with ourselves, and truly ask, “Are you good?”

Once I did that, I realized I was not okay. From still battling with the loss of my brother (and let me be clear - you cannot get over a loss quickly - it takes time!) to trying to figure out the new norm for my life and how it would look without him physically being here…I decided to hit pause. My inner being was screaming, “Break! Break! Girl, I KNOW….YOU…HEAR…ME ?!”

So what did I do? I took time off from every social platform, I fasted, prayed, and I removed every sense of pride and self-doubt. I was in total surrender mode, determined to seek God for a new perspective. I knew God was shifting me and preparing me for this new season. However, if I did not take the appropriate steps to heal properly, I wouldn’t have been able to receive all that God has for me.

So I challenge you sis, to do the same. God is about to take you to new levels, new dimensions, new territories, more places than you can imagine! But, it’s time to prepare. God is calling you to a place of healing. He desires to mend your broken heart, heal your mind, and erase any unbeliefs.

I’ll be checking in periodically to give you updates on my progress. And let’s just say I have so much more to share!

In the meantime, here are 4 lessons to consider for yourself that have helped me in my healing season:

  1. A pause is not a stop. Let God refuel you so you can be empowered to carry the purpose He has called you to do. A pause is a good sign of surrendering to God’s voice and His will. Take a step back and allow God to show you His will through His lens.

  2. It’s okay to pray and it’s okay to sit on the couch and talk to a therapist about what you’re going through. Don't allow anyone’s judgements prevent you from seeking the qualified help you need. Just because you talk to a therapist, doesn’t mean you're crazy.

  3. When seasons change, so does your wardrobe. You cannot bring the old wardrobe into the new seasons. You cannot embrace what God has for you, if you continue to see yourself 3 years ago. Stop looking at the past and “yester-years”. Your purpose is at stake, and you cannot miss it!

  4. Never judge someone based on a season. One season Ruth was working in the field, the next season she was owning the field. One season Joseph was in prison, the next season he was in the palace. We serve a God who turns things around and works ALL THINGS for our good.

I pray God continues to give you abundant peace and joy. As always, keep smiling and healing sis! It looks good on you!

With Love,


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